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Big Changes at Firebug!

Welcome back from summer vacations.  A lot has happened at Firebug Designs Glass Studio this summer.  As of Sept. 16, I will be stepping down and handing the reins over to Lois who will be taking over the studio. The new name will be Firebug Art Glass and the new web page will be . The phone number, 941-480-0700, will remain the same.

One of the major changes will be more of an emphasis on supplies, including reintroducing stained glass and supplies.

Classes will be more flexible, by trying to offer classes as requested by students.

For those of you interested in bead-making or more advanced classes, I will be available to teach those classes.

In keeping with the need to make room for stained glass and related supplies, we will be having a sale with major price reductions on items that will no longer be needed in the studio, including many molds, stands, tools, jewelry display stands, kiln shelves, finished artwork, etc.

If you have a current gift certificate (within 1 year of issue date), please redeem them by Dec. 31, 2014.  They will be voided after that date.

If you wish to continue to receive emails from Firebug Art Glass, visit the website to sign up otherwise you will no longer be receiving emails.

Thank you all for a wonderful 14 years!  I have met and made so many friends over the years.  You will find me hanging out at the studio and can still reach me  I'm leaving you in good hands.  Lois has been working with me for a long time and will take good care of you.